Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sherborne Abbey - Interior details

In the previous entry I wrote about Sherborne Abbey in Dorset and illustrated the post with a number of shots depicting some of the main interior features or views of this wonderful building.

As I walked around the Abbey, as well as the 'wider' view, there were many fine details to be seen and I thought these were also worth recording and would justify an entry of their own.

As I said in the first post about Sherborne Abbey, it is a place I would like to revisit at some point in the future. I shall be armed with my tripod, take my time, observe and make careful compositions before making sure the exposure settings are just right. That's not to say I am in anyway disappointed with the results so far, but what they have done is to inspire me to return, to explore and really do justice to this place of worship. The place which is fondly called the 'Cathedral of Dorset'.

Leweston Tomb
Light on the Leweston Tomb Memorial

Pulpit detail 1
Wood carving on the Pulpit

Pulpit detail 2
Another carving on the Pulpit

Pulpit steps
Pulpit steps

Choir candles
Choir candles

Fan Ceiling in reflection
Reflections in a mirror of the Fan Vault on the main Nave

Fan ceiling roof of Sherborne Abbey
The wonderful symmetry of the Fan Vaulting in the main nave

Sherborne Abbey Hands
The hands of St Aldhem

Sherborne Abbey feet
The feet of St Aldhelm

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